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Mobile 2.0 Judgment Day. It has found you
Come with me if you want to convert! says Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences. Mobile 2.0 Judgement Day is coming. How do we know? We've seen it before. Conversion Scientist™ Brian Massey will show you what Mobile Web 2.0 will look like based on hundreds of mobile tests.
You'll learn: What is Mobile 2.0 Judgment Day?, Can mobile websites convert better the desktop? What to test on your mobile site to increase conversion rates, What is poison to your mobile conversion rate.
Brian Massey Conversion Scientist @Conversion Sciences
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How conversion optimization made me a better digital marketeer
As digital marketeers we’re responsible for our websites and landing pages. So we really need to know what works in 2016. And what doesn’t. Based on facts. Not assumptions. Not on outdated beliefs. Based on all the user tests and conversion testing we did for companies such as Shell, Daikin, Suzuki, Kipling, Barco, … I can only decide that we often fail as digital marketeers.

I’ve compiled a list of 6 reasons why we fail.

And more important: how we can avoid these common pitfalls and improve our work.

This talk includes more than 20 cases that support my findings.
Karl Gilis The G in AGConsult
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5 Ways to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment with PPC
With an average shopping cat abandonment rate of 81% (Listrak) – online retailers need every trick they can muster to capture and retain new business. Join us for a tactical and data oriented session on the top five strategies you can implement today to combat shopping cart abandonment. We’ll equip you with the best strategies for audience crafting and targeting in remarketing campaigns, crafting ads that keep the user on the path to conversion on the Search Result Page and beyond, an ad extension audit so you can filter out the fake customers, and more! Bring questions and get ready to crush your CRO goals!
Navah Hopkins Customer Success Team Lead @Wordstream
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What I've Learned from Helping People Make $36M in eCommerce Sales During the Last Year.
Listening to the experiences of 10,000+ first-time eCommerce dropshipping entrepreneurs has been an eye-opening journey. I'll share what I've learned about different eCommerce models, the key ingredients of success, and how to easily launch your first store and make sales. Attendees will also receive a free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your First eCommerce Store.
Tomas Slimas Co-Founder @Oberlo
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Your Customer Reviews are the Secret Sauce for your Marketing
Learn from Chloe why growing trust with customers is essential, and why your customer reviews have a key role to play. Plus, you will get lots of examples of how to use them in different areas of your marketing to improve all the results.
Chloe Thomas Author and Podcast Host
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How to Win the Race to Local Ecommerce.
Huge majority of purchases occur offline. Analytics, attribution, cross-channel or omni-channel tracking imperatives. New AdWords and Local/Maps innovations: Map Ads, Local Inventory, Special Offers, Local Extensions. Google’s Mobile-Only attitude. Google’s new user-centric POV and how that literally translates to UX, design and resource access. Google’s latest Local spam cleanup and Algo update.
Michael Stricker Lead Digital Marketing Consultant @MSDesign
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6 Remarketing Strategies to Reach a Tesla Level in Ecommerce
Everybody speaks about remarketing in e-commerce. What if you’ll differentiate your brand with more effective remarketing ads? I’ll show you with some practical examples how you can increase relevancy in order to have better results. Leverage the power of remarketing by using smarter segments of users in your remarketing strategy, with the right message for them.
Cristian Ignat Chief Canopyst @Canopy
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